Welcome to Mio AuSable Schools! We are eager to share with you our commitment to teaching and learning and our joy in serving children.

We are very proud of our schools. Mio AuSable Schools offers a challenging curriculum, a dedicated teaching staff, committed school board members, quality support staff, top-of-the-line technology, a nice clean building, an excellent lunch program, safe and reliable transportation and a strong athletic program. Put these all together and they form a foundation for success.

You may have some other questions about our school system. We encourage you to call any school office and talk to people who can help. We also invite you to visit our schools in person, talk with us and become a part of the Mio AuSable School Family and share in the Mio Pride. 

Vision Statement

Mio AuSable Schools will empower successful learners for today and the future.

Beliefs Statement

-The instructional program should challenge each child to reach his/her potential.
-Schools should be orderly, violence free, and promote the emotional and physical wellness of students and staff.
-Parents/guardians are held accountable for regular school attendance and appropriate behavior.
-Students need to come to school prepared and ready to take an active role in learning.
-Respect, cooperation, and communication are necessary among staff, students, parents, and the community to create a positive learning environment.